8 Signs you are Truly Thriving

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Surviving vs. Thriving | 2 comments

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We’ve talked a lot about some of the differences between surviving and thriving.

And we outlined 10 signs that you are suriviving life instead of thriving.

We’ve used thriving a LOT. But what is it?

Thriving is living.  Living is thriving.

They are interchangeable. But, how do you know if you are truly living or not? How can you tell if you are thriving?

Although you probably have your unique definition of what thriving means to you, here are some signs that indicate you are thriving:


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You wake up with a purpose.  Look I don’t believe in the “I just LOVE waking up every day to go to work.” I just don’t.  Because we all love our days off. We all love to sleep in every once in awhile and we all love when we don’t have to work.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t love our work.  You can still be super passionate about your work and hate waking up in the morning. That’s me.  I hate it. I’m just not a morning person, but that’s just me (and I’m sure a lot of you out there – shout out to the morning monsters!).  My sister on the other hand loves getting up at 5am to workout. Good for her. All the power to her morning self.  But no matter if you are a morning person or NOT a morning person, when you are thriving, you are waking up with passion, with a PURPOSE, and with a strong feeling that you are going to accomplish something great today.

You enjoy life.  Isn’t this one of the most important things? And no, I don’t mean just enjoying it on the weekends.  I mean, Every. Single. Day.  Like I said above, there are going to be good days and bad days.  But life is meant to be enjoyed (at least that’s my philosophy).  Its not meant to just be moving from one day to the next.  When you are thriving, you enjoy every day and even if it’s a bad day (yes, you’re going to have bad days even when you’re thriving, I’m not a fan AT ALL of the #nobaddays trend – really I hate that, it puts too much pressure on us to think that we’re not going to have bad days, because when you are having a bad day you think to yourself, “well, I can’t use that hashtag today, can I?” and then you might not even post, and that’s just not right is it?!), you can still have moments throughout the day when that “bad day” vibe seems to lift. You’re excited and energized by what you do each and every day. Which leads me to my next point…

You feel fulfilled. What you spend your days doing fills you up. You feel useful and that you have a purpose.  You know that what you are doing makes a difference. You feel cared about and loved.  You have everything you want or if you don’t, you have a clear path as to how you are going to get it.

You embrace vulnerability. Being vulnerable is hard. Really hard. Like, really really REALLY hard. Its no joke. Being able to tell someone how you feel indicates two main things: you love and accept yourself fully, nonjudgmentally,  unconditionally and know that you are worth it so your feelings must be worth it too AND you trust that the other person (the one you are being vulnerable with) also loves and accepts you you fully, nonjudgmentally, and unconditionally, and knows that you are worth it and validates that your feelings are worth it too. Vulnerability is scary. It is allowing another person to see you for who you really are: raw and open.

You are mindful. Being mindful is about just being. Taking in each moment as it comes and seeing it for its beauty, its simplicity, its uniqueness. Its not constantly living in the past or future (although there is plenty of time to think about both as they are necessary to personal development), but living in the NOW. Loving the now. Accepting the now for what it is. You are empathetic to other’s needs, their feelings, their desires and are patient.

You live your life on your terms.  I know that as a mother and a wife (or a partner, employee, friend, daughter, etc) you kind of have to include others in your daily routine.  You can’t just live your life for yourself (which is what the opposite of the above “You live your life for others” in the surviving category).  But there is a big difference here.  Its on YOUR terms.  You choose to live a family-centered life.  Or you choose to include friends and others into your being. But its not ALL about others.  You’re in there too.  You are doing something that excites you, something that you are passionate about.  You take care of yourself.  You have time to fully focus on you. This doesn’t have to be every day, but its in there somewhere.  Yes, you have to answer to your boss and her/his needs and your responsibilities at work, but YOU are advocating for yourself, contributing your ideas, and being YOU every day at the workplace.  You’re not lost in what everyone else is doing. You are YOU and you give time for that YOU to shine.

You are progressing. Life is about moving forward, becoming better, stronger, more competent. If you want to be a CEO, its about moving up that ladder to get you there (or starting your own company so you’re CEO by default).  If you want a family and/or a strong partnership (not just a relationship, a partnership), its about finding the RIGHT partner (I emphasize right) and making that happen.  If you want to live a freedom lifestyle of traveling and ditching your 9-5, its about executing a strategy to do so. Progress doesn’t mean every few months you are making a huge step towards your goals. It doesn’t mean you will be CEO over night. It doesn’t mean that when you meet someone you are already planning your wedding day. It just means that everything you spend your time, energy, love, blood, sweat and tears on is moving you towards your goal.  Not moving you sideways.  Not moving you kind of sort of in the general direction of you goal. And the fact that you are moving towards your goal gives you joy. That the goal is something you really truly WANT, not a goal that your parents want for you or society tells you you should have. A goal also doesn’t have to be crazy lofty either.  If you don’t want to be a CEO, you don’t have to be.  Your goal may be to only work 15 hours a week in a just any old job because you want to have time to do the things that light your soul on fire or live where you want to live so you do a job that gets you that.  Progress looks different to everyone. Someone’s idea of progress might be completely different from their best friend’s idea of progress, but it all comes down to what do you want, what do you REALLY want, and when you are thriving, everything you do is in motion towards what you want.

You think you kickass. This doesn’t mean that you think you are God’s gift to this Earth.  This doesn’t mean that you have an inflated ego and think everyone should kneel down and worship you.  Heck no. But this DOES mean that you love yourself unconditionally and think you have so much to offer this world.  Not only in your work/career, but in your personal relationships too.  You think that you’re a catch, that anyone would be lucky to date you and that you’d be a kickass partner. You think that any company is missing out if they don’t hire you. And simultaneously, even though you feel this way, you are constantly making sure you continue to feel this way.  You are constantly working on yourself so you are the best version of your kickass self.  You go to trainings and workshops to increase your knowledge because even though you’re smart, you know you don’t know everything and there is so much amazingness to learn in this world. You know what you have to offer because you’ve busted your butt to be YOU.  And YOU are pretty darn cool.

So now that you’ve had a little time to let all this marinate,

Which one are you?

If you’ve found that after reading this article, you’re thinking more deeply about where you fall on the surviving ----> thriving spectrum,

I’d love to hear from you.


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