Surviving vs. Thriving: Which one are you?

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Surviving vs. Thriving | 14 comments

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My focus as a life coach is to inspire you to create your THRIVE in your life. Because, let’s throw it out there, we all DESERVE to live our best life.

Let’s say that one more time.


(I’m not shouting, I promise, I just really, really believe it).

We do. Even if you don’t believe it, you do.  You deserve to have everything you want.


So answer this question for me:

Are just surviving through your life or are you living a fulfilled, thriving life?  Are you just getting by, or are you truly, LIVING?


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You may know the answer, or you may be scratching your head (really, who scratches their head when they’re confused), I mean, tilting your head like a sweet puppy (that’s better...) wondering what in the world does “surviving” mean? Does it mean that I can barely make enough money to eat, put a roof over my head, or live in my parent’s basement?  Does it mean that I don’t have a job, education, or career?  Does it mean that I am alone, no partner, no friends?

Although the above questions embody the textbook definition of what “surviving” could mean, there is so much more to it.

And it may surprise you how simply surviving life, can go by undetected, hidden, unseen, unnoticed (ok, I think you get the point). It can be masked by other wins in your life.  It can be overshadowed by other difficulties in your life like depression, anxiety, or trauma, which are often at the forefront of your mind (and often can cause the survival mode – but the two don’t have to co-exist either).

Surviving is going through your life, each day, day after day, for the forseeable future.  It might just be in one area of your life.  It could be that you are thriving in seven areas in your life, but surviving in one. Or you could be surviving in all aspects of life except one, but that one happens to be your career so it takes up all of your time and you are left with no time to focus on anything else.

But thriving....

Thriving is living. It is having passion in every aspect of your life: work/career, love/romance, friendships/social life, health/fitness, your finances, your lifestyle, and your personal development (self-esteem/worth/confidence/belief/compassion) and knowing who you are and what you want.

Its OWNING you. Owning who you are. Owning what you are about and feeling great about it.

Back to my question:

Are you surviving?

Or are you THRIVING?

Are you ready to thrive?

Are you feeling stuck? Stagnant? Hindered from moving forward?

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