5 steps to align yourself with your core values

5 steps to align yourself with your core values

Are you ready to embark on your self discovery journey?

Are you just getting started? Unsure of even where to begin? Afraid to take the plunge?.

Then I have the PERFECT challenge for you.

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Each day you will receive a self discovery journal prompt, aimed at helping you jump start your introspective self discovery journey towards thriving. These journal prompts are designed to give you 15 minutes each day where you CHOOSE to CHOOSE YOU.

Sound like something you’d love? I thought so. 

We go through life, day by day, doing the things that we need to do. We go to work. We watch after our kids. Pay our bills. Clean the house. Cook dinner. We also do the things that we WANT to do. We go on vacations. We see our friends. We connect with our spouses and children.   But honestly, sometimes I feel like life can be consumed by the things that we NEED to do and not by the things that we WANT to do.


Anyone relate?


So it’s really important that even what you need to do, your obligations, your work, your responsibilities are in line with what you want, your core values. Because otherwise, life is just a string of days that can feel meaningless and empty, or stressful and hectic, or chaotic and jumbled all into one. And that isn’t living. That isn’t THRIVING.


It’s surviving.


I want to talk a little bit about alignment and your core values. And how you can grow in alignment with your core values. How you can take the things that you need to do, and line them up with the things that you want to do. How you can grow in your happiness.

How you can move forward on your path towards thriving.


And it starts with understanding what your core values are. Understanding what it is you actually need to thrive day in and day out (your thrive needs). The things that make you YOU. The things that make you light up, feel refreshed, feel useful, feel your CORE desired feelings.


The things that make you HAPPY.


Because as you grow in your understanding of what you NEED to thrive, you are then able to attune more to what shifts and changes need to happen in your life so that your obligations and responsibilities are in alignment with what you want for your life.


And those shifts and changes lead you towards thriving.

They lead you towards a fulfilled life. A life of purpose, because of a life of purpose means that you are living FOR your core values.  You are living FOR yourself.


If this is your first time, or your 50th time visiting my website, you will come to find (or come to already know) that I am all about ACTION and taking small bite-sized action steps that bring you closer to thriving.


I created a 5 step plan for you to help you on your path towards alignment.


And when you are more aligned, you’re happier.



When you’re happier, you thrive.


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1.  Explore your core values

For this step, I just want you to brainstorm. What is it that you want? Think about the major categories of your life. They are different for everyone but generally they are:  physical health (health, fitness, and wellness), mental health (confidence, identity, purpose, passion), social (friendships, social support, adventure/excitement), romance (love, relationships, connection, confidence), financial (work, opportunities, money mindset), professional (career/job, starting own biz, purpose, passion), and familial (motherhood, parenting, marriage).  Really examine the values that are associated with each. Explore what you learned growing up. How those values are manifested (or not manifested) now. Explore your desired values. Really get down to what is important to you in each of these categories.

2. Explore your thrive needs and where those core values fit in.

Take the categories that you explored above and brainstorm what you need to do daily to feel like you are thriving in that area. What you need to do to feel closer to your best self each day. How does this interact with your core values? How does this counteract your core values (if it does)?

3. Examine your daily obligations.

Take those categories and brainstorm what your obligations are in each one. What you HAVE to do each day. Get extensive with this list. Waking up at 6am can be an obligation. Eating breakfast. Examine each category for your responsibilities on the day to day.

4. Pair your daily obligations with your core values and thrive needs.

This is where it can get tricky. Next, look at your obligations and your core values/thrive needs. Where do you see matches (meaning your core values/thrive needs are in alignment with what you already do – your obligations/responsibilities).  Find the disconnects. Where in your life are your obligations not in alignment with your core values and what you need to thrive? For example, if one of your thrive needs is to spend a lot of time with your child or spouse, but your work is a 80 hour a week job, there is a disconnect. Find the matches and find the disconnects. There will probably be both. Acknowledge the places in your life where you are in alignment, and acknowledge the places that you are not. (You will also find I am a HUGE fan of acknowledgement!).

5. Examine how you can create more matches between your obligations and your core values and thrive needs.

Here is where you start creating a plan. What do you need to create more matches? What would it look like? Start brainstorming how you can attack the disconnects between your core values/thrive needs and your obligations/responsibilities.

This is explored extensively in the first module, Value, of my upcoming course, Deserve to Thrive. Through targeted questioning, I help you discover your core values and thrive needs, connect them to your daily obligations and responsibilities AND your dreams and desires, and create a plan for alignment through not only goal setting, but intentional and mindful living.

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You deserve to thrive. You owe this to yourself.

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5 reasons why you are Enough

5 reasons why you are Enough

Grab your I am Enough mini workbook.

In it you will get a gratitude journal, 2 action-steps, 2 self-care activities, and 2 self discovery questions aimed at helping you feel closer to believing “I am Enough”.

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The phrase is like a plague.

I am not enough.

I am not pretty enough.

I am not smart enough.

I am not a good enough wife.

I am not strong enough.

I am not confident enough.

The list goes on and on and ON and ON.

Because I know that I’m not alone if having these thoughts pop in once in awhile and I know I’m not alone in the fact that they may or may not pop in a LOT.

But, UGH, I hate it.

Because it isn’t true.

I think it’s a load of © #$%.

Because while you sit there comparing yourself to that woman over there, that woman over there is comparing herself to the lady sitting on that bench, while the lady sitting on that bench is comparing herself to the mom pushing her kid on the swings, while the mom pushing her kid on the swings is comparing herself to her sister, while her sister is comparing herself to her best friend.

I could keep going, but I’ll spare you because I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

And the truth is that ALL of the women above, including YOU, are ENOUGH.

And here are 5 reasons why.

5 reasons why to believe the affirmation I am Enough. Grab your I am Enough workbook to begin your journey towards self love and compassion.


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And if you think you have to be perfect, there is your problem. And jeez, what pressure to be perfect all the time! Look, whoever you believe in, God, the universe, whoever he, she or it is, they did not intend for you to be perfect. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to fall sometimes. You are allowed to try things out and when you fail move on to something else. But you have to ALLOW yourself to be imperfect. You can’t do it all. Whatever you can do is enough as long as you keep going for it, pushing yourself, doing what you can when you can for as long as you can.


Yes, you’re going to make mistakes. I’m sorry, but it’s going to happen. It sucks, but it’s the reality of us being imperfect. It’s not fun, it can be really hard, and make you feel real bad. But no matter the bad that you feel, you can always learn from your mistakes. You can always use them to better yourself and grow and change and shift and move forward, which brings me to my next point.


You do. No matter how stagnant you feel or how long you have been where you are in life, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t. You can make changes. You can grow. Always. It is always an option. But please, no matter what you want to change, where you want to grow, what goals you have, you are ALWAYS enough. Believing that when you achieve this or that you will feel enough is not the answer. You are always enough through your growth and change.


One of our problems in thinking that we are not enough is that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, am I right? Yeah, I know I’m right, because I do it too! She’s a kickass mom who does everything perfectly, always has the right snacks for her kids, they are always doing amazing art projects, and the house is never a mess (Yeah Right!). She is a successful entrepreneur who has never struggled, whose business was instantly successful, who helps people wherever she goes, and who never has to worry about money (double yeah right!). She is so incredibly beautiful she never worries about her appearance, is always put together, knows the exact outfit to wear daily, and everyone just loves her. These are the CRAZY (sorry, but yeah I said it) things that we think sometimes and these insane thoughts are what bring us down.


You do. You deserve to have everything that you want. You deserve to do exactly what feeds your soul and your passions. You deserve to have someone adore you. You deserve to be healthy and happy. You deserve ALL of these things. And I don’t have to know you to tell you that you deserve it because I already know that you do.

Are you constantly telling yourself that you are not enough?

Do these thoughts get in the way of you thriving and living the life that you want?

Then my workbook is for you.

In it you will find 18 action-steps, 9 specific self-care tips/activities, and 16 self discovery questions to help you feel closer to believing “I am Enough”.

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I want to start believing I am Enough!

3 CRUCIAL steps to FIERCELY love yourself

3 CRUCIAL steps to FIERCELY love yourself

Do you want to take one step closer to your BEST self? Do you want to love yourself FIERCELY?

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We all want to be our BEST self, am I right?

You wouldn’t have landed on this page if you didn’t.

You want to be your BEST self.

Not you’re “just ok” self.

Not you’re “good enough” self.

But your BEST self.

The self that is totally, completely, and wholeheartedly YOU.

The self where you shine, you are authentic, you give to others, and give to yourself.

The self where you are in constant connection with others and loving yourself is part of your daily action and self care.

The self that is surrounded by JOY each and every day and steps up to the plate when challenges arise (can you tell I was a softball player?).  

Now that sounds like a pretty badass BEST self to me.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that she is who you want to be.

I’m right, aren’t I?

I thought so.

So I wanted to give you a few tips to help you on your way to your best self.


Thrive & Transformational Life Coach pushing you towards BIG CHANGE

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Get your FREE checklist of 10 ACTION-STEPS to INSPIRE BIG CHANGE and start paving your path to THRIVING.

A few important keys to loving yourself more each and every day.

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Celebrate yourself
  3. Forgive yourself

Accept yourself.

What does this look like? Well, it looks like accepting your amazing parts as well as the not so amazing parts (because we have to be honest with ourselves, even though we are badasses, we still have those parts of us that are not so badass). Accepting the parts of you that need work (we ALL need work). The parts of you who fail sometimes (we ALL fail and flounder and falter – its life, we are humans, and it is O. freakin K).

Do you see a pattern here?

We ALL are imperfect.

Perfectly imperfect.

There is no such thing as perfect.

So why get so down on yourself when you’re not!?

It’s time to accept yourself for your imperfections and allow yourself to grow through them.

So what does acceptance mean?

It means that negative self talk needs to go out the window.


Get rid of it already. It’s old. Overdone. We’ve heard it too many times.

Often we are meaner to ourselves than we would ever be to our worst enemy.

What the heck is up with that?

So quit that negative self talk.

Instead, acknowledge mistakes. Acknowledge that you are human. Acknowledge that you are NOT perfect and that you can always GROW.

Because that’s what it comes down to. Growth.

And if you believe you can always grow, that you can always get better, that you can always get closer to the you you want to be, then you will accept yourself.

And that is getting one step closer to loving yourself more deeply.

Note: Accepting yourself doesn’t mean you just accept and move on. If there are things you want to change, do it. But love yourself while you do it. Accept that you are on a journey towards self improvement. Love that you CAN change. That you have the power. That you have the strength. Love that you have the ability to push yourself and mold yourself into who you want to be, because you DO have that power.

And if you need help coming up with affirmations that target your negative self talk and grow your ability to ACCEPT YOURSELF…

Then I have the perfect thing fo you! 

Celebrate yourself.

Yup, I said it. Throw yourself a little party. Do a happy dance. Run around the house in your underwear screaming I AM AMAZING!

Celebrate your wins. Your awesomeness. When you kick ass at something. When you kill it at work. When you’re a super good friend. When you make that perfect lane change that ended up with you passing 100 cars. When you come up with a really great idea. When you land the perfect partner. When you hit that high note finally. When you nail a beef bourguignon like Julia freakin’ Childs.

CELEBRATE yourself.


Without fail.

Because when you celebrate yourself, you are APPRECIATING yourself. You are acknowledging that you have some great things about you, that you are WORTH IT. That you can SHINE.

And being able to notice those things about yourself is just another step towards loving yourself more each day.

Find something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to celebrate about yourself.

Because let’s be completely honest, you’re pretty freakin awesome.

And that deserves celebration.

Are you ready to get going and create YOUR BEST SELF?

I’m here to help you and SO want you to get what you want..

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Forgive yourself.

Seriously. This is a big one and maybe one of the hardest.

Let your mistakes go. Learn from them. Don’t repeat them. But LET THEM GO.

We’re human.

We’re allowed to F up here and there. We lose lovers. We disconnect from friends. We make a mistake at work. We look down at our phones for a split second and ram into a gardener’s truck (yup, that was me as a college student – thankfully no one was hurt, but I was sure freaked out!). We get angry and say things we shouldn’t have. We marry the wrong person. We make the wrong decisions.

We make mistakes.

And it’s ok.

It sucks.

But it’s ok.

We’re allowed to make mistakes.

It’s inevitable.

(Remember that “We’re not perfect” thing from earlier – yeah that applies here).

It’s not fun.

And we hurt and we make others hurt and we take steps back in our lives and we steer ourselves off course and we lose ourselves.

But it’s ok.

When you can forgive yourself freely, you are one step closer to loving yourself unconditionally.

And I know that is what you want.

Unconditional love for yourself.

That is what you deserve.

So go out there and LOVE yourself each day.

Accept yourself.

Celebrate yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Fill your life with love for yourself so you can give love to others.

Do you struggle with self love?

Tell me about it.

Do you want to make self love a habit?

What about gratitude?

What if I told you you could create the HABIT of taking action towards feeling your BEST self every single day?

You'd probably want in, am I right?

You are here because you want CHANGE. You want to move forward in your life.

You want to THRIVE when you are only surviving.

You want to get UNSTUCK. 

And I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN.

Imagine if were...

You deserve to be your best self

Every. Single. Day.

FREE 5-day mini course!

31 Positive Affirmations for Every Day of the Month

31 Positive Affirmations for Every Day of the Month

Do you want to change & move towards THRIVING? Do you want to take one step closer to your BEST self?

Then, I have the perfect thing for you..

Grab my FREE Best self workbook. You get 101 positive affirmations, a gratitude journal, a daily affirmation tracker/scheduler, and self discovery questions. Plus you get a FREE look into the Your Best Self program!

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I used to think positive affirmations were a whole lot of bologna [ yup, just said that phrase, and yup, no one other than your grandmother has used it in the last 30 years].

I just didn’t get it.

Looking into the mirror, or closing my eyes, saying a phrase was not going to get me anything. It wasn’t going to make me beautiful or successful or a badass. It wasn’t going to make my bank account double or have clients show up on my doorstep begging to work with me. It wasn’t going to magically help me meet prince charming who was going to whisk me away to a tropical paradise to live and bask in the sun all day.

Positive affirmations can’t do that.

And I got caught up in what they couldn’t do.

Until I realized that positive affirmations had been everywhere in my life, I just hadn’t noticed them yet.

They were there when I was up to bat in the 10th inning of the National Championship game when I was 19. They were there when I quit my job to teach English and travel Southeast Asia on my own. They were there when I decided to open myself back up to love after a heartbreak. They were there when I took the plunge into private practice when I only had 2 clients.

They were ALWAYS there.

Because I believed in myself and had been raised on the mindset of constantly telling myself I believed in myself.

You’re going to get a hit. You deserve to travel. You have so much love to give. You are successful.

These were the positive affirmations that I told myself without realizing it.

So now that I have the awareness that I’ve used positive affirmations in my life on the daily my whole life and I KNOW that they work, I’m a big believer in championing my clients to integrate them into their daily life.

And even though my opinion on positive affirmations has now changed, I do believe that along with the new mindset you are creating you MUST take action.

Let me repeat that again for all of you who need reminders:


You gotta get up and do something!

You can’t just sit there, say the words, and **POOF** amazingness happens.

And when you start believe in these affirmations and say your favorites daily, the more you will take action, the more you will put yourself out there, the more you will take chances, the more you will make changes, the more amazingness will just happen.

I guarantee it.


Thrive & Transformational Life Coach pushing you towards BIG CHANGE

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So what I want you to do is this:

list 3 things you can do during the day so that you fulfill that affirmation.

For example, here are 3 things I can do during the day so that I fulfill this affirmation: “I deserve to thrive.”  I’m going to pick an area of my life where I feel like I am not thriving, but surviving. So for this example I am going to choose: HEALTH.

1.  I am going to stretch in the morning and loosen up my body.

2. I’m going to spend some time outside and exercise (if its raining or snowing, I will make sure I do some activity in the house that makes me sweat – yoga on YouTube, 8 minute abs, etc.).

3.  I am going to plan a healthy meal for dinner (thanks Pinterest!).

And if you need help coming up with affirmations (or expanding on the one’s below..

I have the perfect thing fo you! 

Does doing these things change my life? No. But they do get me a step closer to what I want, to thrive. They put me on the path and if I create habits out of these 3 things, I will definitely be closer to thriving in my health.

So I invite you to try it too. And let me know how it goes.

And don’t worry! I have you covered. I have made a tracker for your affirmations and your tasks. Its in my Your Best Self Workbook. Grab yours for FREE!

And if you’re into the workbook, then you definitely won’t want to miss the Your Best Self email course. Check it out!

I give you examples of action-steps you can take to feel ALL of these affirmations and make sure you are feeling your BEST SELF.

I have something you will love.

A weekly email course where each week deep dives into a new affirmation, gives you ideas for action-steps to FEEL that affirmation and manifest it in your life, take steps towards THRIVING, and be your BEST SELF.

You will also receive self care tips, inpiration, and self discovery questions to help you explore who you are and how to move forward in your life, get UNSTUCK and start THRIVING.

You're going to LOVE it.

Are you ready to get going and create YOUR BEST SELF?

I’m here to help you and SO want you to get what you want..

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Do you need a mindset shift?

Use these affirmations to shift your mindset towards growth and positivity!

10 Action-Steps for BIG CHANGE

10 Action-Steps for BIG CHANGE

Are you ready for BIG CHANGE in your life but unsure of where to start?

I have the perfect thing for you..

Download my FREE CHECKLIST: 10 action-steps to inspire BIG CHANGE and start paving your path to THRIVING.

Do you want to make big change in your life? Do you want to get unstuck? Stop surviving when you should be thriving?

Of course you do.

Why would you want to stay where you are, stagnant, unmoving, not progressing, unhappy?

But you do. You stay where you are. Frozen.


Because change isn’t easy.

Its intimidating and scary and away from the “comfortable” life you have been building.

I say comfortable not because I think being stuck is comfortable. I say comfortable because its easier to stay the same. Its easier to sit back and wait for things to happen to you. Its easier to stay stuck than it is to get unstuck. Thriving isn’t easy to maintain. It takes work. It takes dedication to yourself. It takes a mindset of always moving forward, bettering yourself, challenging yourself, falling down and getting back up again, failing but continuing and progressing.

Change is hard, but so incredibly far from impossible.

The most important thing that you must do is take action.

I’m going to say that one more time for good measure:


That’s where it starts.

So I have put together a list of 10 steps (plus an extra bonus step) that you can take to move you towards thriving.

They aren’t simple steps. They’re not something you can do in an hour, or a day, or even a month. But they are a start. And if you stick with the steps (you might do them in order, but keep coming back to one here and there) you will change.

Your life will change.

You will thrive.

You can also download my FREE checklist. It contains these steps plus additional concrete action-steps that you can take (or begin working on) right away.


Thrive & Transformational Life Coach pushing you towards BIG CHANGE

Check out my 3-day Self Love Mindset Bootcamp!


Check out the Your Best Self Email course for FREE!


Get your FREE checklist of 10 ACTION-STEPS to INSPIRE BIG CHANGE and start paving your path to THRIVING.

CHOOSE. Set your intention to put YOU at the top of your to-do list.  To make YOU a priority and to choose an aspect of your life that you want to change. Make this change the focus of your positive energy. Your intention is powerful. If you set your intention to make change in your life, change will happen. Intention is not sitting back and waiting. Intention is taking steps towards thriving every day, no matter how small. So set your intention for change. Set your intention to thrive. Set your intention to no longer stay the same and to get unstuck.

DESIRE. Explore what it is that you want in your life.  Sometimes you have to figure out what it is you DON’T want first in order to hone in on what you DO want. Unfortunately, sometimes what we don’t want is much more easily accessible to our minds than what we do want.  When I ask clients what they want, often they answer that they do not know, but figuring out what it is that you do want will attract it to you. You will recognize it when you see it, which will instigate action.

PUSH. Set goals. You might already have a goal in mind, or you might have a few that have been bouncing around for awhile, or you might not even know where to start, but goal setting is extremely important. It keeps your change at the forefront of your mind. It gives you the ability to see progress. It keeps you focused.

DISCOVER.  Explore what’s underneath your surface.  That sounds vague, but it has to be, because generally, there is SO MUCH underneath what we show the world: beliefs, patterns of thinking, previous experience, what our parents believed, core values, obstacles, etc. This step is a HUGE one and tends to be the most intimidating. It can uncover pain, anger, hurt, sadness, and every other “emotion we would like to avoid.” So we often avoid it. Don’t. You need to figure out what makes you tick, what has gotten you stuck in the first place, what has contributed to your mindset/beliefs. Because once you understand it, you can start giving yourself a little credit for making it this far, for doing what you needed to do to survive. And once you understand it, you can move on from it, develop the skills to thrive and create change in your life.

ACKNOWLEDGE & VALIDATE.  Acknowledge your feelings and recognize them as valid, which to some might sound silly, but to most, is something really hard to do.  We often stuff our feelings and let them go by unacknowledged.  When we do name our feelings, we may often tell ourselves not to feel the way we are feeling or that these feelings may be wrong. This doesn’t mean that your actions are always right, but the feelings behind them are real to you, so allow them to be real. Acknowledge that they are there because unacknowledged feelings tend to grow, tend to lash out at you because they desperately want to be acknowledged and validated.

Do want some specific, tangible steps that you can begin working on right now?

Download my FREE CHECKLIST. You’ll have these steps outlined for you with specific action-steps related to each.

Take action now. Don’t wait.

RELEASE.   Let go of your previous experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc. that are holding you back from achieving what you want in life.  You have discovered what some of these are in the Discover step. Release any past hurts, anger, beliefs about yourself and others. Those are the things that usually hold us back from change.  

LOVE & ACCEPT.  Love and accept YOU.  You may be wondering why it’s all the way down here as step #7 and not #1. This can be a loaded topic for most people and rushing into it can be overwhelming.  This can only be approached with understanding of oneself and acknowledgement, which you have explored in the previous steps. But loving yourself is the upmost importance. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t believe that you deserve to thrive, you won’t believe that change is possible, so you will not thrive and you will not change. Accept the parts of you that are hard to accept, the parts of you that you avoid, the parts of you that you feel other avoid. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to change them, but accept yourself as an imperfect being, but so incredibly perfect as well.   

PROMOTE.  Put yourself out there and make your intentions known.  Its about taking the action steps towards reaching your goals and holding yourself accountable.  Building your belief in yourself.  Being vulnerable. Failing and getting back up again and again.  

THANK.  Live in a constant state of gratitude.  Be thankful for your progress, no matter how small that progress might feel right now, it is progress.  Thank yourself for even working through this checklist because that means you are motivated to push yourself towards a more thriving you. Be thankful for everything. When you fill your life with gratitude, you feel joy. How could you not? When you are in a constant state of gratitude and awe of what is going on around you it is hard to see the hard stuff. Its still there and we’re not ignoring it, but taking the time to feel gratitude can give you the energy to tackle the hard stuff.

SUSTAIN.  Develop momentum and keep these good vibes of self-development rolling.  Even though you’re doing great work, often when obstacles or challenges arise, you may fall back into our survival patterns again. You want to be ready to conquer what lies ahead of you, even the unforeseen.  You want to fortify your strength so that when these challenges do arise, you have the skills to manage them. So keep using the steps. Notice when you need to return to a specific step. Notice when you are struggling and acknowledge it. Its ok to struggle when you are working towards change. Just don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.    

BONUS step!

INVIGORATE.  Find your passion.  And if you already have a passion, fill your life with it. Immerse yourself in this passion. As you will hear me say time and time again, life without passion is not living.  Life without passion is not thriving, its surviving.

And I have something else you might like…

Introducing the NEW Thrive Workbook!!

My brand new Thrive workbook walks you through all 11 of the steps from the Thrive checklist (download here for FREE) and offers guiding questions to get you critically thinking about key areas of your life.

It’s not easy, just like self improvement, and the questions are challenging, but if you go through each step, it will bring you one step closer to thriving.

If not a giant leap.

And you want to take a giant leap towards thriving, am I right?!

I’m going to guess that I’m right on track.

Act now and you will be one step closer to being the person you desire to be.  

Are you stuck?

Let’s fix that. 

Download my FREE CHECKLIST to start moving you towards freedom.