5 steps to create a full-proof plan to achieve your desires

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One of the most common questions that I ask clients is “What do you want.”



I have had clients tear up at that question (because they had never had someone ask them that), look at me like I was crazy (because they had no idea), and start spewing out countless wants and desires (because they have been dying to get it out and talk about what they want).



Whichever category you fall into (or create your own if you’d like), I’m hear to ask you, “What do you want?”



I’m sure you can think of a few things off the top of your head. You are here for a reason and I’m pretty sure you have a general idea of what you want, but would like a system to identify your desires and take action.



Well, I have the exact thing for you.



I’ve created a five step plan to walk you through not only identifying your desires and the wanted feelings associated with those desires, but also analyzing the various actions you could take to achieve those desired feelings each day.




Here is my 5 step plan for you:






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1. Make a list of 10 desires that you have.

You can either pick a category (health & wellness, mental health & personal development, romance, social life, financial, work/career, spiritual, or any other category you can think of) or you can list 10 desires you have that range through all the categories (in my Deserve to Thrive course I help you get real specific).

2. What feelings are associated with each desire?

Next to each desire, I want you to write a few feelings that are associated with that desire. The feelings you would feel if you had achieved that desire. The feelings you feel when you are in the act of achieving that desire. The feelings you feel when you even think about that desire.

3. Choose 3.

What do you want to feel each day? I want you to take a look at all the feelings that you listed for each of your desires. Do you see any that are repeating? I’m sure you do. Circle them. Circle all the ones that you see more than once. Then put a square around the feelings that you see three times. Then put a star next to the feelings that you see four times. Narrow it down to THREE core feelings that encompass what you want to feel through your desires. These are your core desired feelings as Danielle LaPorte states in her amazing book The Desire Map. Write these feelings down on their own page, or put them on a sticky note and place them somewhere where you will see them every day. The goal is to remind yourself that these are the feelings that you want to infuse into your day, the feelings that you want to end each day in reflection saying that you felt these feelings today, the feelings that will lead you towards your desires.

4. What actions does it take to feel that way each day?

Take a look at each of the feelings and imagine feeling them throughout your day. What actions do you need to take each day so that you feel those feelings? List out 5 actions that you can take (they can be small, no need to make them huge, you want this list to be manageable and doable so that you actually DO it!).

5. Create a plan

Create a plan to take action each day towards these desired feelings and your desires will begin to manifest themselves. Take the list of actions that you made in the last step and place them into the schedule of the day. When can you do them? When can you take those actions throughout your day? Be specific. You want to take these actions. The more specific you are, the higher the probability of you actually doing them. These are the actions that will lead you to your core desired feelings and those feelings will then lead you to your desires.

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This topic is explored extensively in the third module, Desire, of my upcoming course, Deserve to Thrive. Through targeted questioning, I help you discover your core desires and the feelings associated with those desires, connect them to daily actions that you can take, and create a plan for manifesting those desires through action-oriented, intentional living.

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