Do you want to make self love a habit?

What about gratitude?

What if I told you you could create the HABIT of taking action towards feeling your BEST self every single day?

You'd probably want in, am I right?

You are here because you want CHANGE. You want to move forward in your life.

You want to THRIVE when you are only surviving.

You want to get UNSTUCK. 

And I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN.

Imagine if were...

Imagine that.

Imagine what that would feel like.

Imagine how that would change your life.

Well, I'm here to show you how.

You can join the Your Best Self 5-day mini-course for FREE!

This is only for a limited time...

And I know you will love it.

Oh hi, I'm Alessandra Braun.

And I'm your coach and daily butt-kicker (in the nicest way possible) and inspirer for the Your Best Self Program.

I have my masters degree in social work and have been working with individuals burning for change for 5+ years.

I'm all about BIG CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION and THRIVING in life. Growth is my PASSION.

I have helped women LOVE & BELIEVE IN themselves, heal from their past hurts, develop a mindset of growth and gratitude, and grow in their self confidence and self compassion.

Women who are coached by me leave feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT to follow their dreams and THRIVE. 

I know it takes work. On my part as the coach, and your part as the implementer of that change.

You gotta want it.

And I know you do.

So what are we waiting for?

I have LOVED this course. Not only is Alessandra super motivating, but you can FEEL her passion and love for helping others through her emails. She gives thoughtful insights into the affirmations and her action-steps really get you to put into action the words of the affirmations so that you FEEL the way you want to feel daily! She gives you lots of options so even though there are some action-steps I don’t really want to do, there are always others that I feel connected to and push me. It’s been incredible and definitely building my habit towards self love everyday.


St. Louis, Missouri

I’ve really appreciated this course. It has gotten me thinking hard about myself and what I want. The self discovery questions allowed me to dig deep into my beliefs and gave me guidance (and challenged me) on how to change my mindset towards thinking more positively about myself.


Salt Lake City, Utah

What do you want to FEEL?

How do you want to feel every day?









Through the Your Best Self email course, we will teach & inspire you how to feel what you want to feel... EVERY. SINGLE.DAY.

All you need is a little "Me Time"...

You deserve to thrive. And the only way you can do that is if you commit to it, put yourself first, and take action-steps each day. This is the Your Best Self Program.

And 3 simple steps.


Each week I will highlight a positive affirmation aimed at self love, gratitude, and/or healing. You can choose to repeat the affirmation to yourself or write it down and keep it in mind throughout the day/week.

Take Action

You will also receive 4-5 action steps each day to help you affirm and FEEL your affirmation. These are designed to push you towards an action-oriented approach to thriving and creating the habit of being more active in your journey to your best self.


Lastly, you will receive 4-5 self discovery questions each day that are related to the topic of the affirmation. These are aimed at identifying limiting beliefs, past experiences/feelings about the topic of the affirmation, and guide you towards a deeper self understanding and awareness in order to move towards thriving.

This course has pushed me to put ME first each and every day, if only for a little bit. Alessandra provides easy-to-do action-steps that push you to love yourself every day. I really felt her passion and love for ME through her emails even though I have never met her.


Denver, Colorado

The workbook was my favorite part of the course. It gave me space to brainstorm, track my gratitude, journal, complete my action-steps and self discovery questions. It is worth the price of the course itself.


Long Beach, California

[Note: As the course has shifted structure, there will be a separate workbook for each week, with even more space!]

Each week, you will receive 3 emails containing:

An Affirmation (each week will deep dive into one affirmation)

A detailed workbook for each week containing space to journal, complete the action-steps and your gratitude, and answer the self-discovery questions (NEWLY EXPANDED due to popular demand!)

A discussion of the affirmation, why its important and how to implement it into your life

Inspiration for believing that affirmation and how to believe it for yourself

4+ action-step ideas and activities to manifest the affirmation in your life that day (10+ total for the week)

3-4 self-discovery questions targeting your beliefs about the affirmation and how it connects to your life, previous and future obstacles, and internal resources you already have  (12+ for the week)

2-3 Self Care tips to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and making your health (mental and physical) a priority

Gentle reminders to stick with your daily gratitude so that you develop your habit

Daily prompts to respond to (optional) in our Facebook Group

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Yeah. We all do.

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