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There are certain types of people that I tend to get soul-shaking results for, and then there are others who aren’t the best match for me. And that’s ok. So let me explain each really quickly so we’re on the same page.


  • Strong women who feel they may have lost a bit of their strength along the way and who are committed and passionate about making BIG change in their lives.
  • Badass ladies who don’t feel “badass” in EVERY aspect of their life.
  • Sexy mamas (you don’t have to be an actual mom – but shoutout to those who are, heyo! - and you don’t have to believe you’re sexy, although you totally are) who need to restart, recharge, re-evaluate, or press CTL + ALT + DEL on their life (which is ironic because now I use a Mac and have no idea what it’s equivalent is!).
  • Bossbabes who need accountability, inspiration, and real-talk to help them achieve their heart’s desire.
  • And soul sisters who want to take their lives to the NEXT LEVEL through self discovery and a whole lot of girl power to back them up.


  • Expect me to do all the work and constantly blame others (or me) for lack of success (this life is YOURS no one else’s)
  • Put others down with their words, comments, etc. in order to boost themselves up (unless this is an area you want to work on – let’s trash that habit!)
  • Don’t believe in themselves. Now this one is tricky because generally people who come to me start off “not believing in themselves,” but if you really think about it, they wouldn’t be coming to me if they felt they were a “lost cause.” They wouldn’t ask for help if they thought it wouldn’t and couldn’t work. They are coming because they believe, even if it is the smallest belief, that there is a goddess in there just dying to come out. So if you have no hope for yourself, I can’t manifest it for you. Unfortunately, I’m not a magician, although I sure would love to figure out this whole teleportation thing!

What would a typical session look like?

Our first session will be a DOUBLE SESSION (90 minutes). We will set your intention for our coaching relationship and our goal crushing action-plan as well as assessing your current resources, skills, values, obstacles, and mindset for goal achievement.

Each session we will tackle your issue with purpose and fire so that you leave our session with action steps that you can take that week so that you are closer to your goal. I will take notes during session and provide you with written feedback after session summarizing what we spoke about and the action steps to which we agreed. We will also discuss various homework assignments (goal tracking, anxiety relieving activities, affirmations, mindset work, etc.) that might be helpful for you between sessions.

As you know, I am also a psychotherapist. I believe that so many of the roadblocks that stand in our way in the present, have everything to do with our past. The experiences and relationships that we have had shape the way we see, react to, and understand the world.  They create our belief systems about the world, others, and ourselves.  As a result, I do find it an important part of the work to at least get to know a little bit about your past, so that I may understand the obstacles you are facing.  As this is not therapy, we will not stay in the past, but use these stories as a way to propel you forward and through the hurdles that you are currently battling. I believe in a solution-focused approach to achieving your goals.

What is included in every package?

Private sessions via FaceTime, Google Hangout, or Skype. Sessions are 50 minutes and generally 2x per month. First session will be 90 minutes.

Emailed Summary and Action plan after each session – after each session, I will type out what we discussed, key points, and the growth action plan that we discussed

Email support (optional) – 3 check-in emails a week, which will include any resources I find relevant to what you are working on that week, thoughts/inspiration, or just basic check-ins to see how you are doing. You do not have to have this as an option, but I have found it is a helpful reminder of the hard work you are doing and the progress you are making.

Up to 2 extensive email replies per week – Sometimes you have questions between sessions. My goal is for you to reach your goals and I believe that change only happens when you jump on it right away and commit yourself to change. Thus, I know that questions/thoughts/anything come up all the time and I want to be a constant support for you. You are free to email me at any time (even if you just want to journal or vent) and I might be able to send you a quick reply back, but, I will be able to send 2 extensive reply emails a week (please allow up to 24 hours for a response).

Any resources that I may develop during our coaching relationship (study guides, checklists, worksheets, handbooks, etc.)

Additional service that can be added to either package

Concierge Service – Unlimited access to me through texting throughout the day from 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday. I am there to be your constant support and motivation. If you need moment by moment encouragement, I’m right there with you. If you need to run an idea by me, I’ll listen and provide my feedback. If you’re going through a break-up and your ex just messaged you and you either don’t know what to respond or you don’t want to respond at all, I’m a quick text away. This also means that I answer emails as they come.

Note about concierge service: Obviously I will not be answering emails and/or texts during other client’s sessions, so there will be a couple hours during the day where my response will be delayed. I am able to answer texts during my 10 minutes between sessions and there will be a set time during the day where I will have sessions so you will know when that time is.


Are you new to coaching, but unsure of how you feel about the process?

Do you want to get to know your coach before you invest your time, energy, and money?

Do you have one topic you want to develop laser focus on?

Do you love to dive right in, get to the core of your obstacles, and get results?

Do you want to see if the time commitment is something you can make right now?

Do you have one last obstacle that you are trying to get over, but need a little boost?

This package is designed for anyone who answered “yes” to any of those questions.   The DISCOVER PACKAGE is not only a time to start your journey to self-discovery, but a time to get to know me as a coach as well if you are unsure if I am the right fit for you. If you’re new to coaching and just want to get your feet wet, then this is for you. If you’ve been working on an issue for some time and feel stuck with the last step and need some inspiration, motivation, and accountability to push you through, then the discover package is perfect for you.

I'm Ready TO Begin my journey


This package is designed for anyone who answered “yes” to any of those questions and who is ready to dedicate three months (12 sessions) to self improvement & change.   The EMPOWER PACKAGE is focused on jumpstarting your change mindset and propelling you on your transformational journey. This is about discovering your power within, your fire, your light, your driving force. These three months are about empowering yourself and sending the message that you are worth it. They are about setting your intention, for 50 minutes a week, for 12 weeks, that you are going to focus on yourself and set yourself up to thrive.

Are you ready to make big changes in your life?

Do you have 1-2 areas in your life you want to make significant change?

Are you going through a transition (or anticipating a big transition)?

Do you feel like you are not progressing in your relationship, career or personal development?

Are you unsure of your next step?

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