Stella Stathi

Body Shame to Body Bliss Coach & Psychotherapist. Women's Eating Psychology & Body-Image Specialist. Creator of Body Prema™: The Psycho-Spiritual Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom. 

I help smart, high-achieving, soulful women, who have been stuck in a battle with Food, Weight and their Bodies for several years, and usually in secret, uncover and heal the real, inner root causes of their difficulties, through deep psycho-spiritual and body-based work, so that they can finally enjoy lasting peace and absolute freedom around Food, feel fully comfortable and radiantly confident in their Bodies and in themselves, and ultimately transform their relationship with Food & Body from their worst nightmare into a 'happily ever after'..

Body Prema

Stella Stathi MA is a qualified, experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist, Women's Eating Psychology & Body-Image Coach, Feminine Embodiment Teacher & Energy Healer. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Integrative/Jungian Psychotherapy and has also been trained extensively in Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Coaching, as well as in a variety of therapeutic schools and healing modalities.

Stella's personal healing journey from several forms of eating disorders, including anorexia, and a seriously negative body-image, made her extremely passionate about sharing her lived experience and professional knowledge with other women, on the same journey, to support them in breaking free from Food Fear and Body Shame. 

Stella worked for several years as a leading Eating Disorders Specialist in her private psychotherapy practice in London, UK, before moving her practice online and expanding into coaching and mentoring for women, who struggle with eating difficulties and negative body image, but do not necessarily suffer from clinical eating disorders.

In 2014, she created Body Prema™: The Psycho-Spiritual Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom; a unique, transformational, holistic program, bringing together Jungian Psychology, Feminine Spirituality and Mind-Body Medicine, designed to guide women into healing their relationship with Food and their Body, once and for all, from the inside out.

Stella works privately with women from around the world, over the Internet, and offers in-person workshops, trainings and retreats around Europe.

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A 7-day, life-changing Journey through the Chakras, designed to help you discover the Chakra imbalances at the Root of your Food, Weight & Body-Image Difficulties, and what you can do to heal them, once and for all!

What you will learn:

All the details and characteristics of each one of the 7 major Chakras (name, location in the body, aspects of personality and areas of life they relate to, qualities when balanced and imbalanced)

What specific Food, Weight and Body-Image issues manifest as a result of imbalances in each Chakra

What Body Types, Shapes and Sizes are related to certain strengths and weaknesses in each center

What you need to do, to strengthen the underdeveloped Chakras and manage the overcharged ones, to restore the balance, heal the real roots of your difficulties, once and for all, and enjoy lasting Food and Body Freedom.

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