Loving yourself isn’t easy. Yup, I said it, and I know you're thinking it. 

Self love is like a muscle. You need to flex it, and squeeze it, and work it in order for it to strengthen.

In order for you to THRIVE, crush your goals, and be the YOU you want to be. 

You need to shift your mindset to be open to self love, which is why I created the FREE Master your Self Love Mindset 3-Day Bootcamp to do just that. 

But even though you missed the bootcamp, I created a FREE workbook for you to check out. 

In this bootcamp you will learn

  • 3 main mindset shifts that need to happen before you practice self love
  • 17 tips to shift your mindset towards self love
  • What is the difference between self love and self care?
  • How to practice self compassion and what it is
  • What it means to be human and fail
  • What is a growth mindset and how will it affect you
  • What awareness of your thoughts is, what it looks like, and how it can impact your self love
  • How to grow in your awareness of your thoughts

The bootcamp was presented over 3 days (April 4-6), so I'm sorry to say that you missed it....

But I have good news! You can still access the FULL bootcamp!

I’m Alessandra Braun.

And I am ultra passionate about self love because I know how hard it is to practice and how our thoughts, past experiences, and doubts about the future can get in our way.

I am pumped to be able to share this 3-day bootcamp with you and most importantly CONNECT with you, because I believe that is what it is ALL about.

I have been a therapist for 4+ years (I have my Masters in Social Work), a life coach for 1+ years, and an avid proponent of self love my whole life. I have found through my work with my clients that self love is at the CORE of every single thing in this life. Every single struggle. Every single setback and challenge. Self love is EVERYTHING. And that is where growth and change start.

I’m excited to see you in there!

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself, quit that negative chatter in your mind, and kickstart your self love?

You're going to love the Master your Self Love Bootcamp!


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