Self Love Group Program

Where growth is experienced in community with others.

I've been feeling REALLY inspired lately by the Master your Self Love Bootcamp.

And even more super inspired by the Thrive Pride and the amazing ladies inside.

So I wanted to create a special group just for you.

I created the group because 1) groups are so insanely powerful, 2) the community aspect of a group is worth it's weight in gold, and 3) I wanted to make my services more affordable and help MORE people (which is my real passion).

The Bootcamp discount is only available for a limited time!








Ok, so I know you're probably wondering: What is included in a group program?

I'd love to tell you.

  • Weekly 75 minute group coaching call (12 calls in total): Each week we will cover a specific topic, spotlight on one of the group members, and have open time for questions.
  • Coaching call recap email + recording to be accessed always
  • Accountability emails throughout the week (if desired)
  • Workbooks, worksheets, webinars - any resources that I may find relavant to the group. I love to co-create my resources and often feel inspired by group members to make workbooks and worksheets that fit their particular needs
  • Facebook Community group - daily prompts, accountability posts, and weekly “office hours” where I will answer questions. I of course will be commenting and popping into the group during the week so you do have access to me, the office hours is just a guaranteed time where you know your questions will get answered
  • Access to all my PAID content - workbooks, courses, masterclasses (and anything I create during the group duration)
  • Option for special 1:1 30-minute session (at a deep discount) - Only offered to group coaching participants

It’s pretty awesome right?


That is a lot of time and access to me. To be honest, it’s more than a lot of my 1:1 clients get.

I’ll tell you one more pretty awesome thing… It’s going to be less than 75% of the price

If you were to want all that (minus the group of course since it would be 1:1), individual weekly sessions (only 60 minutes), accountability emails, access to me throughout the week (which is always included in all my packages) access to ALL my paid content, it would about $1000+ a month (so close to $3000+ for 3 months)…

I'm telling you, if moving forward is something that you want, something that you are committed to, and something that you are willing to invest your time, energy, and money into:


Self Love + Self Compassion + Self Confidence + Self Worth

Do you struggle with self love?

Is your inner B getting you down constantly?

Do you have trouble prioritizing yourself and putting others before you?

Do you lack confidence in and doubt yourself often?

The personal development group is ALL about creating a community that fosters and prioritizes:


  • Self Love - learning about what self love is, what it looks like, how to grow in it, and how to practice it every day
  • Self Compassion - how to create a compassionate mindset towards yourself and others
  • Boundaries - how to set healthy boundaries between yourself and others (and sometimes with yourself!)
  • Self confidence - growing in your belief in yourself, ability to put yourself out there, be vulnerable and open with others
  • Self prioritization (not sure if that is a thing, but if it’s not, I’m making it a thing)
  • Self Esteem - how to create a practice of feeling good about yourself and allowing that to come from within and not other people
  • Self Care - creating a routine where you take care of yourself daily and do what feels good

I know what you're thinking, "Ok this sounds amazing and great, but what kind of investment will this be for me?"

And that's right, it is an investment.


And I know that's really hard to do sometimes, to make yourself a priority, but it's necessary if you know what you want, you believe you deserve it, and you want to go out there and get it.

So let's go out and get it together.

I've created a few options for you because 1) I want this for you (I want you to have everything that you want) and 2) I know that budgeting is tough and squeezing in some extra payments isn't always easy.

If you are ready to move forward, you are ready to INVEST IN YOU.

And as a SPECIAL GIFT to you for being such a valued member of the Master your Self Love Mindset Bootcamp I am offering a $75 discount

One-Time Payment

Save $67 using this option

3-Month Payment

Save $12 using this option

6 month Payment

More manageable payments

*** You will be brought to a window that will take your payment information. I use a service called SendOwl (and payments are serviced through Stripe), you will receive your receipt shortly. It is completely secure and confidential.***

The Special Bootcamp discount is only on until Midnight tomorrow!








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