Sarah Reynolds


I find healthy solutions to everyday problems for the mind, body, and soul — from organization to essential oils, I’m your gal for sure-fire and straight-forward solutions.

Signed, Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am an energetic millennial off to change the way we live our everyday lives. I love living life to the fullest every single day, whether that means coffee shop conversations or soft blankets and chocolate. I am a full-time college student who loves words in almost any form, and I live in a little apartment on-campus with my partner.

My passion for solving everyday problems comes from a whole lot of being told to settle. Settle for less-than-stellar grades, settle for a groggy and grumpy morning, settle for zit-covered skin, settle for minimum wage, settle, settle, settle…

I don’t think so.

I refuse to settle for any everyday life that is less than amazing, and so I am on a journey to find healthy solutions to everyday problems so you can focus less on PMS, burnout, and last-minute panic and more on chasing dreams, loving your humans, and doing things that set your soul on fire. Sometimes that means time management, sometimes essential oils, sometimes more “you time,” and sometimes essential oils or supplements to help your body and brain run a little smoother — whatever your everyday problems, I’m here to help you solve them so you can get back to taking good care of yourself and chasing what matters most to you.

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