Mella Barnes

Session Singer, Songwriter

I create music for people who want to create a song, but don't know how or can't. People bring me their stories and ideas and I bring them to life through music!

Mella Music

Mella is a session singer, songwriter, and voice actor. She has extensive experience in helping people create and finish songs and loves every minute of her job. Her work has been featured in national commercials, radio spots, and music educational facilities. Clients have gotten publishing deals, received international awards and critical acclaim using her music and work. Her first personal album, Zebra Stone, was met with rave reviews from top industry insiders. Outside of the studio, Mella has a passion for animal rescue and is often fostering dogs or rabbits. She has an active website, blog and social media accounts, which can be found at . She blogs regularly about music and making the industry less intimidating for newcomers. With the belief that everyone has a song within them, her mission is to bring those songs to life!

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