Our community is often essential to support us in sustaining new habits and meet long-term goals in our work life.

My focus as a coach is helping women heal their work life, so the examples I use in this video relate to your work life, but you can use these tips for any new habits or long-term goals that need sustaining.

In this video, I go over:

* The 4 elements of a successful support plan

* 3 must-have tips to ensure you are leveraging your community in the optimal way to meet your goals

Now that you have your support plan down, how do you have the conversation with your partner/bestie/mom to ask them for their support?

This video includes 5 important tips, strategies, and reminders that will wildly increase your chances of getting a "YES" from your community when you're asking for support.

Don't miss this video if you plan to talk to your spouse, friends, and family about how they can support you in sustaining your new habits or if you want their help in meeting a long-term goal.

I'm also sharing with you this simple 3-step guide to use when you need support in sustaining your new habit, but no one is around! Your mom is out of town, your partner is at work, and your BFF is not answering your phone. What's a gal to do?

If you feel overwhelmed or are doubting yourself in these moments, the 3 simple steps outlined in this guide will help you greatly minimize the time you spend wondering what to do, and greatly increase the time you spend taking care of yourself and getting on with the day.

NOTE: There are 3 videos embedded in the PDF for more detailed instruction.

I use this system multiple times a day, and so do my clients. Enjoy!

May Flam

Personal Power and Confidence Coach

Helping millennial women discover a meaningful work life now

May Flam

I’m May (pronounced “My”). My story is this: Growing up in Israel, I always got perfect grades. I loved grades, and I loved being the teacher’s pet. When I turned 11, my family and I moved to Dallas, TX. I was a "weird immigrant," and had to learn new rules of behavior. I focused on learning new ways to get the best grades in the class, language barrier be damned! And I learned - with gusto. After getting perfect grades in high school, and college, I was psyched and proud of myself.

Aaaand then, in 2009, I started my professional career, back in Israel. Again I had to make a profound cultural shift. But now, I didn't have my grades and doting teachers to protect me. I worked at large corporations, as a writer and advertising professional, and though I excelled, I never got promoted. And I didn't feel committed to my job. Or to who I was dating. Or the people around me. I didn't feel committed to myself.

One day I just snapped.

I decided I had nothing to live for. Weirdly, that led me to just throw caution to the wind and actually do what pleases me. In 2013, I moved to New York City, where I worked as a grant writer and later ran a non-profit organization. By taking the time to get to know what I want and need (silliness, ease and quiet, love), I felt comfortable committing to my choices. I even got married! And now, I coach women in gaining the confidence and ease to cope with life transitions, armed with self-knowledge.

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