Lauren Venable

Energy Healer

I help women to reconnect with themselves and manage their energy (& emotions!) so they can show up in their lives feeling more whole, balanced, & deeply connected with their loved ones. 

Balanced Roots

I’m Lauren Venable -Mom, Energy Healer, Meditation Junkie, Bath Enthusiast, & Lover of All Things Beautiful! My journey into motherhood is what brought me to this work. 

Becoming a mother cracked me wide open. It exposed a new nurturing, loving, beautiful side of myself. But, it also showed me all the spaces where I had hidden feelings of inadequacy, fear, and self-doubt. I silently struggled through years of postpartum depression. Fear, shame, and insecurity kept me from reaching out for the support I needed. I eventually hit a wall and asked for help. I started going to counseling and receiving energy healing regularly and eventually followed my Inner Guidance to become an energy healer.. 

The women guiding me on my own healing path held up a mirror for me. They showed me all the ways in which I was already more than enough. They gently pushed me to know my needs & claim my desires. They lovingly showed me patterns & tendencies that were keeping me stuck and offered practical steps to shift them + use them in a way that worked for me. And, they taught me how to create healthy boundaries so that I could feel safe + supported in my relationships. 

Most importantly... these women guided me back to ME after a lifetime of feeling unsupported, unworthy, and unlovable. And now I get to guide & support other women through this same process! 

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