Jaime Pollotolo

Transformational Coach and Healer

I assist women in removing the blockages that are keeping them STUCK within their {Health, Life, or Biz} so they can expand their energetic capacity to move forward, raise their frequency to take action and be of highest service to themselves by stepping into their own power.


Jaime Pollotolo

aime Pallotolo is an energy worker, a transformational coach and an educator.  She specializes in working with women to remove the blockages keeping them stuck within there life, health or biz to move forward, take action and step into their own power.   

As a woman who was obese most of her life, who has had multiple health issues, (depression, PCOS, leaky gut, overgrowth of candida) was in an abusive marriage and has overcome many other obstacles she has found her path in bridging the physical and energetic worlds to transform not only herself but those that come to her for help. Her passion, knowledge, and unique techniques allow her to live the life she has always dreamed of in helping others achieve their own dreams and aspirations. 

To learn more, visit her website at www.jaimepallotolo.com

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Imbalances within our lifestyle can cause us to create disease within our bodies in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.  It is crucial to obtain the awareness of what the source of our issues are to begin the healing process.  This tool helps you to identify what emotions that are blocking you from moving forward and to identify where you should be focusing your energy to obtain balance and take the steps forward in living your life.

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