Hannah B King

Transformational Empowerment Coach for Mama's

Creating a Culture of Empowered Women Committed to Living in Truth, Shining our Divine Light & Living Brave. 

Hannah B King Coaching

At 23, I met a man while traveling solo through Southeast Asia.  I got pregnant a month and a half later. Two months after our daughter was born we had to move 3,000 miles from family and our community so he could provide for us.

He was gone 6 long days of every week, while I was home with our daughter. Although it was challenging, I eventually found a good rhythm, but then… I became pregnant again. 

I had lost myself in motherhood and depression struck me like a slow but powerful wave. Living in pajamas, I was isolated, idle and indifferent. I ached for a tribe and longed for connection; I was suffering, and I knew that something had to shift. 

It dawned on me that if I was to raise strong, directed, passionate and confident children I had to BE that, not just preach about it to them. 

My life had to be different; I had to show up, stand up, speak up and choose the direction of my life. Settling for a life of mediocrity was not an option.  

I had to lose myself in my hunt towards discovering my true north.  I had to let go of the woman I was before motherhood.  She was gone.  She no longer existed.

I was forced to redefine who I was and SURRENDER to all that motherhood placed before me so that I could uncover a broader heightened form of self. It opened me up to allow the woman I was called to become to move through to the surface.

I rose above all the challenges and began my journey into living my life with directed purpose, bravery, and dedication to standing completely in my power.

From this place of clarity, I uncovered my greater purpose beyond motherhood:

I am creating a modern day TRIBE of soulful individuals collectively empowered to redefine what motherhood looks like by raising whole-hearted children through our commitment to living with joy and in truth, shining our authentic divine light, and living bravely. 

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