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I began my journey when I made the decision that I needed to leave my unhealthy marriage.  It was a ROUGH ride, but luckily I had a lot of support.  My friend recommended I read the book “The Secret”.  As I was reading the book, I was super excited about the concepts - but also skeptical.  Could I really manifest things into my life by my thoughts?  How did I not know about this before?  I couldn’t imagine my relationship with my ex could actually be okay, that I could go a day without worrying about what might happen to my boys, that I could live my life happy as a single mom.

As I started to practice and teach the Law of Attraction to my students at school, I started to see changes in my own life as a result of the change of my thought processes.  Instead of worrying about what would happen when my boys were with their dad, I focused on being in the moment, I focused on the positive qualities of my ex and I focused on every wonderful thing that I had in my life.  I stopped living in the past and worrying about the future and focused on being IN THE MOMENT.  And things changed.  At first I didn’t believe that my ex husband was truly being kind to me, but reminding myself of the law, I decided it didn’t was going to be fine...and it WAS genuine.  Things were changing in my world.

So I started teaching it more.  And students came to me to share their stories of miraculous things happening to them as a result of using the law.  I started manifesting things, like $800 to get car repairs, a half-time position at my school job so I could focus on my business - yes, I manifested a half-time position - at a school...I asked the Universe, the next month, my boss delivered.  And more...I was the only person at my life coach training who did NOT pay for the training.

I decided that I wanted to help other women, women who felt anxious and overwhelmed like I did - women contemplating career change, going through relationship changes, women wanting to grow but not knowing how.  How could I teach these concepts to other women like me, not just students?  I had no idea!  

Then things started falling apart at school.  Our whole administrative team changed.  My awesome teacher friends were being pushed out of the school and leaving and the climate was not good.  I reached out to my life coach friend, who had also left her job as a guidance counselor.  She helped me to discover that I COULD teach this to other women.  I had no idea how to start my own business...never, did I EVER think it was a possibility.  I never liked the idea of starting my own business.  I always liked following direction, not creating was SCARY!  But I pushed past my fear and began taking very small, very safe steps towards my dream.  As I began building momentum, I realized this was possible for me.  

My very first client was a woman I was teaching with.  She had been diagnosed with a significant illness and I remember teaching in her classroom and wishing I could work with her.  When I advertised my business, she was the first one who reached out to me.  That experience was incredible, from her I learned so much about life.

Now I’m excited about my journey and I have faith in it.  I’ve seen my impact on other women, I’ve watched lives transform because of the strong women who choose to work with me and I’m embracing it!  Woohoo!

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