Introducing the CHOOSE YOU 21-day Course

14 days of self discovery journal prompts designed to jump start your path towards thriving + so much more

PREPARE WORKBOOK - 15+challenging questions to prepare you for the course allowing you to deep dive into you self discovery process, what gets in your way, and how to be successful

PROGRAM WORKBOOK - 14 introspective journal prompts (plus an additional 4 deep dive questions for each prompt) aimed at giving yourself 15 minutes a day of CHOOSING YOU,  focusing on your internal world and what it is you want in your life, what you need to thrive, and what is holding you back

REFLECTIONS WORKBOOK - 15+ exploratory questions to reflect on how the course went, what was challenging (what was not), where you need to focus more, and how you have grown

To do this course, you are committing to 15 minutes a day for YOU. 15 minutes a day where you get to focus completely, and wholly on YOU.

That is why it is called the CHOOSE YOU course.. 

Jump in! You won't want to miss it! 

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Module 1

The PREPARE workbook

The PREPARE workbook is designed to help you prepare for the challenge (7 days before the challenge begins - at your own pace), prepare yourself for self discovery, prepare yourself to CHOOSE YOU.

The workbook comes stocked with 15+ challenging questions to guide you through the steps to make way for YOU, overcome the obstacles that have been in your way before so that you can be SUCCESSFUL in this challenge and choosing you for at least 15 minutes a day and ultimately, creating the habit of self love and self discovery. 

Module 2

The 15 minutes a day to CHOOSE YOU 14-day Journal Program

I have created a complete program workbook in an ebook format. It walks you through the entire 14-day program stocked with not only the emails from each day and journal prompts (you get 2 pages of room to journal), but also a four extra discovery questions for each topic to help you further explore what both the journaling and self discovery processes were like for you and to further your deep dive into the topic.  

You get everything in this challenge, plus a few extras, all bundled together for you in one place. If you’re anything like me, you like to have things organized and right in front of you to ensure your success. This is one of those opportunities and just another tool for you to help you along your way.

Module 3

The REFLECTIONS workbook

The REFLECTIONS workbook is designed to help you deep dive into processing how the 15 minutes to CHOOSE YOU 14-day challenge went for you.

You know we are all about processing over in the Thrive Pride and as a thrive and clarity coach I believe that it is paramount to your self discovery journey to reflect on what went well, what you need to work on more, what was difficult/easy, and how you felt.

That is exactly what this workbook helps you do by offering 15+ deep dive questions to offer you guidance on your reflection.


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