Why you have plenty of time to reach your goals every single day.

Why you have plenty of time to reach your goals every single day.

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The answer is not to have more hours in the day.

Seriously. End of discussion. You do NOT need more hours in your day.


I just saw a Facebook ad that said something along the lines of “How would you like a few more hours in the day” and it just made me think, we have 24 hours in a day! That is PLENTY!


I asked my subscribers and group members the other day what their #1 struggle is when it comes to goal setting and achieving. And what I received was a resounding answer of: TIME!


Again, the answer is not to have more hours in a day. Every single day, without fail, we have 24 hours to deal with. And honestly, I think that is freakin amazing and beautiful that we get that much time EVERY day. We wake up, and we get time. We go to sleep knowing that we will have time the next day.

Every day = time.


But I get it. Time gets sucked up by your million things on your to-do list. Your responsibilities, work, family, obligations, making dinner (ugh….dinner), and everything in between. I totally get what it feels like to think you have no time to do the things that you want to do, to achieve your goals, to MOVE FORWARD in your life, to take your business and life to the next freakin level.


I get it, because I’ve been there.


And I found myself pulling my hair out with frustration. I found myself crying at the end of the day when I felt like I got nothing done that I wanted to get done. That I had no progress, that I felt like I was constantly doing things for others instead of myself and my business. I questioned what the heck I was doing with my life and how did I get here (yeah it went THAT deep).


And even though the brainstorming with my husband led to thoughts of daycare so that I could get MORE TIME, I realized… what the freakin heck, I have PLENTY of time, I am just not managing it the RIGHT way.


So I wanted to share with you THREE of my favorite tips to getting things done during the day and working towards your goals.

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1. Get more sleep.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive to the more time movement because this may feel like you’re taking time away from your day. But in reality, it adds so much more time because you are refreshed and rejuvenated and READY to conquer your day, rather than dragging your feet because you stayed up until 3am working on your sales page and now you don’t have the brainpower or energy to do much else.

Currently, I am 38 weeks pregnant with a toddler (luckily she sleeps through the night). For awhile I was waking up at 6am and getting my journaling and mindset work done before anyone else woke up. It felt REAL good to start the day off that way, BUT I was also sacrificing an hour of sleep that would also feel REAL good especially knowing that in a few short weeks, I will be getting a whole lot less sleep! I had to decide which one was more important, my sleep or my mindset work, and what I chose was sleep, because it helped me be a lot more ready and open for my mindset work when I was able to get it done later in the morning. I chose to sleep because I knew that I needed it. Not everyone needs this and if I wasn’t expecting a new baby, I probably would have kept up with my routine (I also used to wake up at 5 to do my Miracle Morning routine, but had to stop when I was getting less sleep due to becoming more and more pregnant).

The reason why I tell you this is because I want you to KNOW yourself. Yes, goal setting is about pushing yourself and doing the things that others aren’t doing or won’t do in order to get the results you want, but in order to hit your goals, you NEED to take care of yourself or else hitting your goals is worthless. You will feel like you have more time in the day if you are feeling STRONG and CONFIDENT and sleep will get you that.

My advice is to wake up at the same time every day. I am a huge fan of sleeping in, but I found that it really rocked my productivity in the day and made me feel even more lethargic). So keeping to a schedule of waking up at the same time can give you 1) the predictability of knowing when you need to go to sleep or start winding down and 2) a deeper connection with your body and mind - your body and mind can expect to be getting up at a certain time and thus get the amount of rest that they need - allow them to do that!

2. Create time blocks.

This has been a freakin LIFE. SAVER. For me. Seriously. I had heard people talk about it over and over again, but I was resistant (yeah, I can be stubborn like that) for some reason. NO MORE. And when I say time blocks, I don’t mean you HAVE to have an hour time block every time. These blocks can be 15 minutes or 30 minutes or FIVE minutes. It doesn’t matter. But when you can start creating a flow for your day where you know what to expect and don’t have to think about it (sometimes the thinking is half the battle!) you get so much more done. Yes, I know, for you moms out there this is hard, but I’m a mom too, and even with the unpredictability of the day, I still create some predictability and order (with a dose of flexibility).

So what are time blocks? They’re kind of exactly how they sound. You are assigning a block of time to something, for example, from 8-9 I am going to work on course creation, from 9-10 is playtime and so on. I even block out 15-20 minutes for clean-up or if I want to get laundry done, I know that I can get it done during this time. It makes it a whole lot easier to actually get the things done when I don’t have to think about what I need to do. Which brings me to my next tip….

3. Create your schedule for the next day the night before.

Using the time blocks that I have created, I personally like to write down my schedule for the following day. This actually acts as a “decluttering” of my brain and allows me to relax more knowing that I know exactly what I will get done the next day. When my daughter goes down to nap, I don’t have to look at my long list of to-dos and pick what I’m going to do for the next couple hours. I already have it written down, so I can actually get going on it probably 10 minutes earlier than I would have (and than I had in the past). When I know exactly what I want to accomplish for the next 45 minutes or so, I actually tend NOT to waste that 45 minutes by going on Facebook or doing some other tasks around the house to put off my work, which I totally did when I didn’t know what I was going to work on.

It’s like lining out my schedule created more time for myself where the reality was I had no more time than I did before. It allowed me not to waste time thinking because I already did the thinking beforehand. It allowed me to lose the stress of figuring out what to do or what would be the most important thing for me to do right now, because I already chose.

And most importantly, this also allowed me figure out the tasks that I “had” to do and also make sure I got the tasks that I wanted to do done. I didn’t spend 2 hours working on some menial tasks and then not even get to the creative part of my business. I had already decided that I would spend 50 minutes on admin work and then move on to the fun stuff. This made me a MUCH happier camper by the end of the day because I actually felt GOOD about what I was doing.

After I started implementing these THREE tips to making more time in my day, I was seriously so much happier. I was getting things done that I WANTED to get done while still enjoying my day and doing the things that I NEEDED to get done. Honestly, I stopped being a crabby patty and started connecting more to myself and to others.

Um, yeah. I’d say that was a win!

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How to Create a Goal that Sets you up for SUCCESS

How to Create a Goal that Sets you up for SUCCESS

Are you ready for BIG CHANGE in your life but unsure of where to start?

I have the perfect thing for you..

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Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do when you want to make big  change in your life.

Goals are the backbone of success. They are the backbon of thriving. If you don’t have anything you are striving for, motivating you, pushing you towards success, its hard to really achieve anything at all.

You could have all the desire in the world, but if there is no structure, no goal in place, you might feel stagnant.

You might feel like you’re walking through the woods without a path (although that sounds like it could be super adventurous!). You might feel like you’re on a treadmill, walking (or running for all you badasses) miles and miles and not getting anywhere.

Note: I’m not saying that you have to be insanely structured and checking things off every day and tracking every move you make, no, definitely not saying that.  But I am saying that stating your goals, stating your intentions, your wants, your desires, in a structured way, manifests a power within your actions and yourself to get what you want.


Thrive & Transformational Life Coach pushing you towards BIG CHANGE

Get your FREE checklist of 10 ACTION-STEPS to INSPIRE BIG CHANGE and start paving your path to THRIVING.

I grew up with my dad always telling me that thoughts are things.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts are things. I heard it hundreds and hundreds of times, probably since I was young enough to talk.  I thought it was hilarious.  I mean he was telling this to a 10 year old who had no idea what he was talking about.  And then I read The Secret.  And she is saying the exact same thing.  That thoughts are things.  Thoughts are actually physical matter.  They have mass and substance and power. (If you haven’t read it yet, you totally should).

I guess my dad was right (that is REALLY hard to say! – hopefully he doesn’t read this...).

Now, no matter what you believe, there is something to this.  You could believe that thoughts have matter or not. But I’m sure we can agree on one thing:  your thoughts are important.  And I’ll get more into that in a later post, but we can use this same logic when it comes to goal setting.  Because goals are thoughts.  They are STRONG thoughts.  Thoughts of your hopes, dreams, desires.  Everything you want in life usually started off as some sort of thought. And that thought turns into goals, which turn into action, which turns into those thoughts becoming REAL.

But I feel like setting a good goal is harder than most people think.

I hear so many goals that are unrealistic, wishy-washy, unclear.  Goals that have no time limit or too short of a time limit, or goals that have nothing to do with what they really want in their lives.  Goals that are more like hopes and dreams than they are attainable.

How do you know you’ve reached your goal when its not really clear what your goal is in the first place?

I believe that everyone should have dreams.

That its healthy to sometimes have our heads in the clouds and hope for amazingly wonderful outlandish things.  And sometimes people frown upon that or want you to be more sensible, but I say screw that (and them!).  But a dream is just a dream unless you have a plan.  And I believe everyone should be able to attain their dreams.

So I’m going to teach you a 5 crucial aspects of a goal in order for you to be successful at achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve.  This is just the backbone of goal setting, the bare minimum.  I teach goal setting much more in depth in the Push module of my upcoming course, Deserve to Thrive and is Action-Step #3 in my Checklist for BIG CHANGE.

5 ESSENTIAL aspects of a kickass goal that will get you where you want to go:

All you have to remember is the acronym SMART (and you’ve probably heard it before, or pinned a relevant pin on pinterest, but seriously guys, its everywhere for a reason - because it works).  There are tons of variations of what the letters mean and some resonate strongly with different people, but it does provide a clear path to goal-setting success (many of these variations are included in my FREE goal setting workbook).


A goal has to be specific.  Like I said before, it can’t be wishy-washy, unknown, “I guess I want this really broad thing.” No.  It has to be clear. Unwavering. Stated in simple language that a 12-year old could say, “Yup, I get what they want.”


A goal has to be measurable. This is where some people can get caught up a bit and forget this step. You want to be able to know when you have made progress.  You know where you are now and you know where you want to be, but being able to track progress in between is crucial for motivational purposes and for your sanity.  You don’t want to feel like you are making no progress when you actually are and vice versa.


A goal has to be attainable or achievable (whichever word resonates with you), which I know sounds a bit counterintuitive because you want to set a goal that you can reach, but you don’t want it to be so out of reach that you will never be successful. Because if you’re never successful, that will be defeating and your goal will go out the window and it will be hard to achieve what you want.  If you have a huge, reaching for the stars goal, that’s great! I’d advise breaking it down into attainable chunks, so while you’re going for the gold, you will be having little wins along the way.  You don’t want your goal to be easy. You want it to be hard enough that you are pushing yourself and extending your limits, but you also want to be able to accomplish it.  When you do, you’ll set a new reaching goal.

Your motto should be, “I’m going to crush my goals, and then set new ones.


A goal has to be relevant to you.  Honestly, I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. Your goal has to make sense for you and not someone else.  It needs to be something you’re passionate about and relevant to what you want in your life. You’re not going to be motivated by someone else’s goal. It has to be for YOU.


A goal needs to have a time limit, it should not be open-ended.  Open-ended goals can 1) be overwhelming and 2) never get done. It makes it easier to make a timeline, take action-steps, set smaller, more manageable goals within the bigger goal if you know when you want your goal to be met.


Having trouble creating a goal that covers all these essential elements? Grab my FREE goal-setting workbook << limited time offer>> so you can set a goal that sets you up to smash it and move you forward in life.  Its jam-packed with suggestions on how to implement each element, questions to get those goal-setting juices flowing, areas to brainstorm, alternative variations of the SMART framework, examples of kick-ass goals for any area of your life, tracking printables, and, of course, a little inspiration thrown in there too.

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