You unfortunately missed your opportunity to grab the Affirmations Workbook for $7. BUT... because I value you AND want to push you to move forward, I still want to give you a great price. 

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So you're here. So I know you are into Affirmations

But I want your affirmations to be totally kickass and set you up for SUCCESS.

Don't you?!


Do you love affirmations, but lack connection to the ones you either make or find online or in books (or in my post!)?

Yup, I did too.

Do you want to do more than just say the affirmation in the mirror and go on about your day?

Yup, me too. 

Do you want an affirmation that is so specific about what you want and who you want to be that you can’t NOT make it happen?

Yup, I can't tell you enough how life-changing a personal affirmation is. 

Do you want to take action towards manifesting your desires and creating the life that you want?

Yup, action is EVERYTHING. 

Do you love step-by-step workbooks that walk you through EXACTLY how to do something and then you end up with EXACTLY what you want at the end?

Yup, me too...

I am a thrive & clarity coach. I am so excited to walk you through creating an affirmation that is not only powerful, but unique to YOU. My main mission, my passion in life is helping others create the life that they not only want, but the life that they DESERVE.

Affirmations are pretty amazing things. They are designed to put you in the mind for SUCCESS, but I have never believed in just standing in front of the mirror and reciting them 10 times in a row and just leaving it. I am a believer in ACTION and the way the affirmations are made in this workbook not only inspire task-oriented action, but they inspire internal-who-do-I-want-to-be action, which I think is SUPER powerful.

I was inspired by the affirmations that Hal Elrod discusses in his book the Miracle Morning. Before that, I would just find affirmations I liked on websites, or try to muddle through making my own. I never felt truly connected to my affirmations and it made it harder to believe in them. So I started following Hal’s framework with a little personal flair along the way and ended up creating affirmations that not only made me feel strong, powerful, and able to conquer anything, but they PUSHED me and motivated me (and kept me accountable) for daily action. When I would say them in the morning with all the different parts that I walk you through in the workbook, I couldn’t not NOT follow through with them.

So I want to invite you to jump into the world of DEEP, PERSONAL and LIFE-CHANGING affirmations.

** Full Disclosure - the link for the Miracle morning book is an Amazon affiliate link. If you choose to buy the book, I may or may not get a small commission. I love it that much! **

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