5 steps to align yourself with your core values

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We go through life, day by day, doing the things that we need to do. We go to work. We watch after our kids. Pay our bills. Clean the house. Cook dinner. We also do the things that we WANT to do. We go on vacations. We see our friends. We connect with our spouses and children.   But honestly, sometimes I feel like life can be consumed by the things that we NEED to do and not by the things that we WANT to do.


Anyone relate?


So it’s really important that even what you need to do, your obligations, your work, your responsibilities are in line with what you want, your core values. Because otherwise, life is just a string of days that can feel meaningless and empty, or stressful and hectic, or chaotic and jumbled all into one. And that isn’t living. That isn’t THRIVING.


It’s surviving.


I want to talk a little bit about alignment and your core values. And how you can grow in alignment with your core values. How you can take the things that you need to do, and line them up with the things that you want to do. How you can grow in your happiness.

How you can move forward on your path towards thriving.


And it starts with understanding what your core values are. Understanding what it is you actually need to thrive day in and day out (your thrive needs). The things that make you YOU. The things that make you light up, feel refreshed, feel useful, feel your CORE desired feelings.


The things that make you HAPPY.


Because as you grow in your understanding of what you NEED to thrive, you are then able to attune more to what shifts and changes need to happen in your life so that your obligations and responsibilities are in alignment with what you want for your life.


And those shifts and changes lead you towards thriving.

They lead you towards a fulfilled life. A life of purpose, because of a life of purpose means that you are living FOR your core values.  You are living FOR yourself.


If this is your first time, or your 50th time visiting my website, you will come to find (or come to already know) that I am all about ACTION and taking small bite-sized action steps that bring you closer to thriving.


I created a 5 step plan for you to help you on your path towards alignment.


And when you are more aligned, you’re happier.



When you’re happier, you thrive.


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1.  Explore your core values

For this step, I just want you to brainstorm. What is it that you want? Think about the major categories of your life. They are different for everyone but generally they are:  physical health (health, fitness, and wellness), mental health (confidence, identity, purpose, passion), social (friendships, social support, adventure/excitement), romance (love, relationships, connection, confidence), financial (work, opportunities, money mindset), professional (career/job, starting own biz, purpose, passion), and familial (motherhood, parenting, marriage).  Really examine the values that are associated with each. Explore what you learned growing up. How those values are manifested (or not manifested) now. Explore your desired values. Really get down to what is important to you in each of these categories.

2. Explore your thrive needs and where those core values fit in.

Take the categories that you explored above and brainstorm what you need to do daily to feel like you are thriving in that area. What you need to do to feel closer to your best self each day. How does this interact with your core values? How does this counteract your core values (if it does)?

3. Examine your daily obligations.

Take those categories and brainstorm what your obligations are in each one. What you HAVE to do each day. Get extensive with this list. Waking up at 6am can be an obligation. Eating breakfast. Examine each category for your responsibilities on the day to day.

4. Pair your daily obligations with your core values and thrive needs.

This is where it can get tricky. Next, look at your obligations and your core values/thrive needs. Where do you see matches (meaning your core values/thrive needs are in alignment with what you already do – your obligations/responsibilities).  Find the disconnects. Where in your life are your obligations not in alignment with your core values and what you need to thrive? For example, if one of your thrive needs is to spend a lot of time with your child or spouse, but your work is a 80 hour a week job, there is a disconnect. Find the matches and find the disconnects. There will probably be both. Acknowledge the places in your life where you are in alignment, and acknowledge the places that you are not. (You will also find I am a HUGE fan of acknowledgement!).

5. Examine how you can create more matches between your obligations and your core values and thrive needs.

Here is where you start creating a plan. What do you need to create more matches? What would it look like? Start brainstorming how you can attack the disconnects between your core values/thrive needs and your obligations/responsibilities.

This is explored extensively in the first module, Value, of my upcoming course, Deserve to Thrive. Through targeted questioning, I help you discover your core values and thrive needs, connect them to your daily obligations and responsibilities AND your dreams and desires, and create a plan for alignment through not only goal setting, but intentional and mindful living.

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